Smartest Equipment to Invest in to Exclude Nebraska Pigeons Now!

There are various materials, products, and equipments that are used for Nebraska pigeon' s exclusion and controls. This is due to the fact that the pigeons will prefer to establish their nest close to humans. Pigeons control will require a significant amount of effort in the part of the homeowner. Aside from simple modifications on your structure, you may prepare a list of equipments that are intended to keep them away from our house.

List of Equipments for Pigeons Control and Exclusion

Some of the Lincoln products and equipments that you can buy in the market will be highly effective against pigeons. However, using it in an improper approach will not solve your pigeon infestation. Physical exclusion of the pigeons can be accomplished by using the equipments that we will mention in this article.

Bird Spike

The Nebraska bird spike is available in various forms that enable them to fit in different types of structures and ledges. They can be made out of woods and plastic but perhaps the most ideal bird spikes would be the one made from stainless steel. They will last longer than the other materials and they will not be sharp. Their lengths would be enough to prevent the pigeons and other types of birds from roosting on our house.

Gutter Spike

Gutter spikes are usually installed in the edges of the gutters. This will prevent the pigeons from resting on our gutters. This will also keep them from building their nest in our gutter that will restrict the flow of water. Once the pigeon decided to establish their nest in the gutter, the nesting materials will block the flow of water that can destroy our gutter. This can also lead to water damages that will require costly repairs.

Wire and Post System

These equipments are excellent for the ledges of the Nebraska windows and the walls. This aims to make the roosting or landing area of the pigeons unstable. Aside from the pigeons, this will also be effective against the large birds. Refrain from contracting the company that will install these equipments using large bolts where the lines will extends from different posts; this will only be effective on a short term basis.


We do not recommend the use of the bird gels since this might ruin the feather of the birds that will make it difficult for them to escape the attack of their predators. The gels will be applied on the surface of their roosting ground. Since the bird hate the sticky and slippery surface, they will most possibly avoid roosting on that area. Unfortunately, this will only work for a short time since the gel has a tendency to accumulate dirt. There is also a chance that the smaller birds will be stuck in the gel and kill them. This can lead to legal repercussions since other types of birds are protected under the law.

For a better way to keep them far from our Lincoln house, consult the professionals and listen to their recommendations. Simple house modifications can lead to a long term solution especially if you live in a place with high pigeon population.

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