Quickest Way to Get Lincoln Raccoons Out of Your Chimney!

Once you have a Lincoln raccoon in your chimney, there is a high possibility that it is a female raccoon that is caring for her young ones. This creature is known for having a high maternal instinct. During her pregnancy this instinct will allow her to find the safest place to nurse the young raccoons. Most of the time, she will look for the enclosed den that offer excellent protection for her litters. If you managed to convince them that your chimney is not a safe area, then they will leave on their own accord.

Guide in Getting the Raccoons Out of the Chimney

According to the report, at least 85%-90% of the Nebraska raccoons found in the chimney will be female raccoons with litters. This is true especially during the nesting season (February-March). You should never mess with a mother raccoon that is nursing her babies. She will immediately launch an attack if she feels that her babies are threatened. Fortunately, there are simple scare tactics that you can use that will encourage them to leave your place voluntarily.

Never Start a Fire

You should never start a fire; otherwise, you will be roasting the poor baby Lincoln raccoon alive. If you open the damper beforehand, the mother raccoon will escape desperately and will leave her baby in the chimneys. She will act aggressively which can lead to different troubles. This is why it is never advisable to start a fire.

Using Traps

During the nesting season, trapping may not be the best solution for your Nebraska raccoon infestation. However, if you still choose this method, be sure to analyze the belly of the raccoon. In case you notice the nipples, it implies that there are baby raccoons in your chimneys. Separating the mother from her litters may result to the death of the baby raccoon due to starvation. 

Scare Tactics

Raccoons hate the presence of human activity. You can turn on the radio and look for the talk station. The sound of people talking non-stop will be enough to scare them. Eventually, she will be convinced that your chimney is not the safest place to build her nest. After the mother raccoon removed her babies, you simply have to cover the chimney with a cap and your problem will be solved.

On the off chance that the noise tactic did not work on your situation, you can use an eviction fluid to deter their activity. The Nebraska eviction fluid contains the pheromones of the dominant male raccoon that will scare the female creature. Any mother raccoon will know that the male creature will kill her young ones. Simply place a rag that has been soaked with eviction fluid in your chimney. Once the odor permeated the area, she will then be intimidated and will move her young ones.

In case you find the process a bit intricate, there are professional Lincoln removal companies that are willing to deal with your issue. They can help you identify the root cause of your problem that will deliver long-term result.

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