Trying to Catch a Lincoln Venomous Snake? Learn the Law Concerning it First!

The bite of the Lincoln venomous snake will feel similarly with the bite of the non-venomous snake. The cost that comes with it is a bit costly. You may experience pain and may cause a permanent injury. There are instances that it will also cause death. Apart from the liability that you can incur from the bites, the legality should also be your prime concern.

Is it Legal to Keep Venomous Snakes?

There is a good chance that you are not allowed to keep a Nebraska venomous snake in your area. You will need to call your local wildlife center to be aware on the existing regulations related with certain types of snakes. An increasing number of states are enacting laws that regulate the possession of snakes especially the venomous type. 

State Laws

It is relatively easy to stay aware on the latest regulation of the state of community about snake' s possession. Most of the laws and statues of your state can be perused by visiting their online site. There are also different portals that may provide this kind of information. When searching through the database of your state, simply add the necessary keyword such as ‘snake' or ‘reptile' that will lead you to the right answer. In order to make sure that you are reading the complete law, it should include the administrative and statutory. Make sure that you will clearly understand both parts.

The Lacey Law

In case the laws in Nebraska allowed you to catch and own venomous snake, you will need to be aware on how you can acquire them using legal methods. Whether you plan to capture them from the wild or to purchase them from a supplier, you will have to check again the state laws. In the event that this will come from a breeder, then it will need to be transported. Usually, transportation of wildlife creatures will also be regulated under the law. 

Based on the Lacey Act, it is illegal for anyone to purchase, acquire, sell, receive, export, or transport foreign wildlife species. In addition the wildlife creatures that has been taken, transported, possessed and sold in manner that violates the law of the US will face serious legal repercussions. 

There are also certain requirements that make it unlawful to export or import Nebraska venomous snakes interstate unless it has been properly marked. Furthermore, the snakes that will have to move interstate should be in a container that includes the name of the shipper and the receiver and the type of creature that is inside the container as well as the number of snakes. They should also properly specify that the specimen inside is venomous or not.

To put it simply, in case you acquire the Lincoln snakes outside the US or forcefully take them in the wild without the proper license and permit, then you will have to face some legal issues. You need to be responsible and be aware of the latest regulations that will help you ensure that you are doing the removal method within the borders of the existing regulations. 

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